digital media content creation

digital does it better

marketing communications in an information economy

power messaging

Create lasting impressions and drive sales with place based dynamic signage. Indoors & out, LCD or LED, we design & build state-of-the-art sign systems

corporate media

Plan, execute and analyze content strategies to grow small and mid-sized businesses

Video Production

Charm your target audience with stylish productions made by our award winning producers and reach them with a customized distribution plan

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RXI team concept

A Network of Creative, Technical and Engineering Systems Integrators
Success in an information economy requires flexibility, diverse skills and dedication

RXI organizes highly skilled specialists into task-specific teams. Our approach is aggressively entrepreneurial. We are not employees. Rather, we are self-employed individuals or small business owners with long track records of success in the communications world. RXI quickly organizes project teams from our extensive network of highly qualified specialists. Each individual assigned to a project has skills that are carefully chosen to support the work of the other team members. This gives us the flexibly to respond to the unique needs of our clients' projects - and every project we undertake is unique. We believe that individual accountability within a strong team structure creates a culture of success. We are dedicted to this approach and to making it work for our clients.

  • Content creation

    Creative use of electronic media. Content rules

  • Technical proficiency

    The medium is the message, and it has to function flawlessly

  • Network Design

    Delivering the message to the audience

  • systems integration

    Making it all work together


Independent, Skilled, Thoroughly Professional and at Your Service
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Gerald Pallor

Award winning video producer. Corporate communications, teaching and training and interactive marketing are his specialties. He is also an aggressive business network builder who organizes teams from his extensive professional contacts.
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Dawn Church

Video Producer and Talent Coordinator
Actress, ImDB listed TV personality, on camera talent and busy tech industry presenter on the international scene. She is also a travel blogger. Ms. Church knows how to find the right people for a job and get the most out of them.
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Andrew Ciccone

President – Hudson Valley Public Relations
An experienced PR and advertising executive with a Madison Avenue background and a down to earth approach.
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Matt Dorcas

Media Planner and Analyst – Dorcas Communications
A media and marketing pro with extensive branding, research, and advertising experience. He keeps the creative team on track by bringing leadership, continuity and organization to everything he works on.
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Stephen Bell

Videography and Photography
Stephen Bell is a veteran outdoors cameraman with more broadcast and print credits than he remembers. He possesses an extraordinary eye for light and a remarkable sensitivity to the way it brings still and moving images to life.
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Miranda O’Brien

EVP Creative Services, Trade in Cool
A transplant from the UK, she relocated to NY by curating shows of the hottest art talent on both sides of the Atlantic. She is best known as a pioneering web and print publisher who launched Clutter Magazine to cover the urban vinyl toy scene, and for re-branding the top fashion stock sites.
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Josh Kimberg

President, Trade In Cool
TIC is a collective of creative entrepreneurs committed to making their clients brands stand out. They offer interactive design, 2D and 3D animation, mobile app development, website design and coding, design for electronic and print, social media, SEO and SEM, packaging and merchandising.
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Lauren Teton

President, Name One
Name One creates names for commerce. They guide their clients through a highly structured process to select the most important branding element a business or product can have – it’s name. She is also an avid snowboarder and snowboarding blogger.

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