Cord Cutters of Facebook

I found the following discussion in a Facebook Group I frequent. It’s a social, not a professional, group. As such it represents a small cross section of consumer attitudes towards media consumption. Think of it as an unmoderated focus group. There is a unifying theme to all these cord cutting strategies.  They require a high[…]

Where Next: Growth and Deployment

Where is broadband going? It’s a matter of considerable consequence and mixed signals. Technology, public policy and business modelling, the three co-dependent components of expansion, ought to develop in sync if high speed access is to grow smoothly. Problem is, it’s hard to predict where technology is going. Disruption isn’t always a good thing. It’s[…]

Broadband Means Business

Skeptics and disciples abound in the tech world.  You would think by now that people would find the middle ground between doubting the obvious and believing every disruptive invention is the next holy grail. The reality is that success still requires 1% inspiration amd 99% perspiration, an adage we don’t hear often enough. Reality lies[…]

Broadband Meetup in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Tech Meetup is a hyperactive networking group of tech professionals, artists, students, entrepreneurs, business and community leaders and political officials in New York’s Mid-Hudson Valley, primarily Ulster, Dutchess and Orange counties. It has more than 1,850 members, a number that is constantly growing. Around 150 of these members show up for monthly presentations.[…]

Satellite Solutions?

Television fans have viewed programming delivered via satellites since 1994, the year DirecTV launched. Their geosynchronous earth orbit (GEO) satellites circling the planet at 22,236 miles send signals to homes with small roof mounted receivers. Today’s HD receivers measure approximately 32-inches across by 28-inches high. These are receivers without two-way capability. Their major competition, Dish[…]

Broadband Business Modelling

  Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), seated next to President Trump at a White House photo op, asked about the possibility for broadband expansion. The President said it was a done deal, which, true to his hyperbolic instincts, means it might make it to the table. Typically for policy questions that don’t spark conflict, the exchange[…]

Cable Bills, Switching for Dummies, Portrait of an Innovator

Whining About Cable Bills Ken Hall is a cranky columnist for a local newspaper I my home region, New York’s Hudson Valley. Cranky columnists are a becoming an endangered species, being replaced by angry opinionators.  I look forward to Hall’s complaints about the minor inconveniences that drive us crazy as much as I used to[…]

Women Rock Tech

Their numbers are disappointing, their contributions substantial and the energy they bring to their lives and work astounding. In fact, there was enough energy at Hudson Valley Tech Meetup’s second Women in Tech conference to light up a small city. Props to program organizers Sabrina Schultzsmith and Shauna Keating. The disappointment is written in numbers.[…]